✾Claudia Mills✾

Brooke Terwilliger


Claudia Mills is an author, born in New York,1954 .She received her bachelor's degree from Wellesley Collage, her master's degree from Princeton University, and a Ph.D. philosophy from Princeton University. She also received M.L.S degree from the University of Maryland. Mills has over 50 children books!!! She writes her books from 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning.One day her two boys came home telling her they were learning about an author that had the same name as her , she told her boys ''That's me!!''Mills wrote books like ''Kelsey Green ,Reading Queen'' , ''Fractions = Trouble!'' , ''Zero Tolerance'' , ''How Oliver Olson changed the world!'' , ''Anika Riz , Math Wiz'' and more!! For more infomation about cool authors type in ''Suzanne Weyn'' or ''Sharon M Draper!!'' Comment Below Please!!

Book Review

This review is about a book, written by Claudia Mills , called ''Kelsey Green , Reading Queen.'' This book is about a girl who is in a contest at school and has 35 points in the last day. Tomorrow is the day when the teacher calls the winner with the most reading points , but another kid in her class has 35 points also. Kelsey doesn't know what to do , get more points , or let him win. What does she do? Well looks like you have to read to find out!!