All memos are structured similarly. They have the following elements:

  • An addressee: Flush left, in capital letters, near the top of the page

  • The sender: Flush left, in caps, immediately below the addressee

  • Date: Flush left, in caps, immediately below the sender’s name

  • Subject: Flush left, in caps, immediately below the date


Even though the majority of information today is conveyed via e-mail, you still need to use the correct style when sending a memo in the body of an e-mail.

How to do a Memorandum



– if you are sending this to more than one person, list all their names here.


– your name.


– always include the date as a written record of when the memo was sent.


– each memo should deal with only one subject and it is helpful to highlight it with bold or underlining.

The body of the message goes in this space. The message should be brief but clear and care should be taken to make sure the grammar and spelling are correct. Remember to keep the language appropriate for the recipients – if the message is to colleagues on an equal footing, then colloquial language is okay. If you are addressing your superiors make sure you are polite and respectful. And if you need to issue a memo to your subordinates, make it clear what it is require.

End the memo with your initials