What I have learned!

Homelessness and The Pursuit of Happyness


something that I learned anout homelessness is that a lot of people are homeless. some people that are famous and or wealthy were homeless. its crazy how many people are homeless. poeple who you wouldnt even imagine being homeless, a friend, an old neighbor, a co-worker, you just never know. there are places to stay if you are homeless but its sometimes very hard to get into places.

Persuit of Happyness

The Persuit of Happyness taught me that people who you would think are wealthy cans be homeless. It makes me more appreciative knowing where I will be laying my head. We take things for granted that other people would love to have. Having a designated place is taken for granted by most and what i saw in the movie was that Will Smith had to run to get a place to stay for him and his child. Being able to take showers is taken for granted until you dont have a shower to shower in.
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