Citizens In Place of Government

Would Make The World Better

This website's reasons connects with my thesis because one government has made many mistakes that were very fatal in our society, like letting African Americans die when there was treatment available, letting Nazi soldiers to live in America after World War 2, exposing cancer patients to high levels of radiation, etc. This proves that the government can make many more mistakes like these since it is governed by one organization of people, when the citizens would be better off in governing because it is the whole society, and would likely make mistakes like those because there are varieties of smart people who would choose the better ways, better than the government. The citizens would be happier too because they have chosen rules that were more fit for them, unlike letting a government choose what they want, and what they think the society needs, when they really don't know.
This website's reasons supports my thesis because it shows all the different responsibilities of each citizen such as voting, paying taxes, practicing tolerance, etc. This proves that citizens only have certain rights, that are not as involved into the making of laws. If they were, the society would be pleased and better off. The government should let the citizens be more involved in the making of laws for the society.

Thesis Statement

Citizens should be allowed to rule on the grounds that before, the governments enforced everyone to be equal, and forced everyone to participate in murder.

"Harrison Bergeron" By Kurt Vonnegut "The Lottery" By Shirley Jackson

Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut and The Lottery by Shirley Jackson share the same comprehensive idea to present that citizens should run the laws and rulings. The idea the both texts share is that the citizens feel pressure in to following the rules of their government. In Harrison Bergeron the citizens feel pressure into obeying the rules of their government because the government has made every person equal in every way, making them wear handicap gear to cover their looks so no one can be prettier or uglier than anyone. Also, their government would make their citizens wear an earpiece that would send out a terrible, loud noise when someone thinks intelligent, so that no one can be smarter than the other. In The Lottery, everyone is constrained to participate in the lottery held in their town to select a citizen, in order to keep the population steady. No one is forcing anybody to participate in it, it’s just that the whole town participates. These elements from the stories both adduce and validate that the citizens should runt the laws and rulings instead of the government because these governments pressure people in the wrong way.

Quotes and Analysis

Harrison Bergeron:

Quote: “They were burdened with sash weights and bags of birdshot, and their faces were masked, so that no one, seeing a free and graceful gesture or a pretty face, would feel like something the cat drug in” (Vonnegut 1).

Analysis: In Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, the government had forced the ballerina dancers to be covered in all kinds of handicap, to cover their identity in order to make everyone else feel less bad about themselves, in which the citizens are not allowed to take any of these handicaps off, or protest because they will be killed by the government. In today’s society, people are free to be who they are, yet there are others who have more of an advantage than they do. This supports my stance in favor that the citizens should change current laws and regulations because one government chooses to make everyone equal, by enforcing them to do so the wrong way causing distress, but if all the citizens chose, they can take different ideas from each other and make better laws because there are different citizens out there who think smart, and above and beyond, so together, they can work better laws than the government.

Quote: “‘It isn't fair, it isn't right,’ Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her” (Jackson 7).

Analysis: In The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, the citizens are intimidated by the government to participate in the lottery to murder someone in the village, in order to decrease the population. This supports my stance in favor that the citizens should change the current laws and regulations in the cause of the government enforcing laws that make their citizens participate in act of murder; especially children. If the citizens were to make laws and regulations together, there would be better laws because although there are people who go on with traditions that are inhumane, these people would be prevented of making laws that can be harmful by people like Mrs. Hutchinson.


I oppose to the government in the making of the laws and rights for the citizens in our society, and instead support that citizens should be more involved in the making of the rights for themselves. This would be a good choice because there are a variety of different people in the society, while the government only has one perspective on the rules. It would be best if there are varieties of different kinds of people because we all know that there are crazy people, and that wouldn't be good for making rights. That is why there are people who are smart and intelligent, and can join with the "crazy" people, and make special laws and rights for the society, that way everyone will approve to these laws, and there would be less violence. If you look at today's society, there are many people advocating and protesting for certain laws that the government has made, and they disapprove of that that it ends up leading to violence. The government has made many mistakes as well, which is dangerous because one little mistake from the government, can cause a huge riot the next day. If citizens were more involved, there would be less mistakes, because as mentioned before there are smart people who can backup the other types of people. That is why citizens should be more involved in the making or rules and regulations.