Our views

State Debt

  • Federal govt pay revolutionary war debt.
  • Federal govt assumed the states debt from war.
  • Creating of National Bank.
  • Passing high protective tariff to encourage Americans to make their own things.
  • The Democratic was against Federalist policy.
  • The Democratic decides to move their capital to Washington D.C.

French Revolution

  • Began in 1789, the Democratic Republican supported the French to overthrow their king.

Power of National Government

  • Democratic did not want extension of the power of the central government and wanted to balance the federal with state power.
  • Also Democratic and Federalist disagree over foreign policy.


Alien and Sedition Acts

  • Federalist pass this act so they can silence and weaken the Democratic Republican Party and to silence the newspapers.

War with British 1812

  • In 1812 the United States declared war on Great Britain.
  • The War of 1812 brought a new surge of nationalism.

My Slogan

We didn't take your Freedom, it was long gone.