This Week...and Room 120

Weeks of March 25 & April 1

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop, we will be finishing up our unit on Traditional Literature. We will be working on finding the theme in our individual books and then look for common themes within the genre.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop, each student will be researching an endangered animal, then writing a story in the form of a diary. The diary will be written from the point of view of the endangered animal. We will be reading/have read two books written in this way: Diary of a Worm and Diary of a Fly. Click here to see one of these books. We will be working hard to incorporate the facts learned while researching into a humorous diary.

Word Study

Word Study times will be used to work on Figurative Language. We will be studying Alliteration (the repetition of the initial sound in a group of words, like "Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers" and Similes (a comparison using "like" or "as", such as "He was like a kid in the candy store when he walked into the sporting goods store".


This week the students will be taking the STAR Math test. It will be exciting to see the progress that is being made in Math!

Both groups will continue learning about and practicing division with decimals.


Upcoming Events:

This Week:

  • Wednesday - Field trip to the Planetarium and Archeological Museum at UW-LaCrosse.

  • Thursday - ***Remember, the Early Release has been cancelled. There will be school all day.*** The 3rd quarter incentive party will be happening during the afternoon. Students who have squares left on their good behavior/homework completion card will be allowed to participate. Those with no squares and/or with missing work will be sent to the "work room" during this time.

  • Friday - NO SCHOOL

Next Week:

  • Monday - NO SCHOOL

  • Tuesday - NO SCHOOL

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