Keeping Up with America

Kylee Bieri & Baylee Smith


24, August -The New York Branch of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company failed leading to more business failures. People fear financial ruin and rush to withdraw their deposits, however banks can't keep up, because shipments of gold from California sunk in a hurricane.


The Compromise of 1850 required California to enter as the 16th free state, in exchange the south was guaranteed that no federal restrictions on slavery would be placed on Utah or New Mexico.

To the Courts!

In 1857 The Supreme Court ruled that Americans of African descent, whether free or slave, were not American citizens and could not sue. Also congress lacked the power to ban slavery in US territories. Finally the rights of slave owners were constitutionally protected by the 5th Amendment, slaves were considered property.


1853-1854 The Gadsden Purchase was an agreement between the United States and Mexico in which the US agreed to pay Mexico $10 million for a 29,670 sq. mile portion of Mexico, which later became part of Arizona and New Mexico.
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Time is Gold

Soon after gold was discovered in 1848, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to California to attempt to get rich, causing a huge immigration boom.

Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom's Cabin is an antislavery novel that showed the stark reality of slavery, by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It opened up the North's eyes to see how cruel slavery was and upsetted the South because it depicted them as cruel people.