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Alumni Center Stage: Evan LaFragola '15

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I did it for myself...IAR made sense to me.

Evan LaFragola was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey. Growing up as a kid, Evan was always around music. Growing up listening to his parent’s music and learning how to play different instruments, Evan’s appreciation and love for music grew immensely. He said, “I was engrossed in it [music]. It offered me a chance to connect with music.” He would play along with Clapton’s songs, imitate his solos, or try to keep up with Jimi Hendrix records. Playing instruments, especially the guitar, has offered Evan a perspective on music and shown him the value of an artist’s song, album and performance.

Evan received his Bachelor’s in American Studies from Rutgers University, but struggled to find a full-time work after graduation. He started to dabble with other interests. A few months later, Evan joined a band for a year. When the band split up, it left him with a very difficult decision to make. What to do next? Would he try to work random jobs or look for something he truly loves?

Evan final decision led him to IAR, and in 2014 enrolled in the Audio Recording and Production program. He said, “I did it for myself. I wanted to pursue my passion without having any regrets down the road. That was my motivation. IAR made sense to me.”

Graduating IAR with a 4.0 GPA, Evan worked endlessly to maintain his grades and waiting tables at a steakhouse in order to pay for his commute to New York. Balancing work, school, and a social life was not easy, but for nine months he managed and it paid off. Evan was very proud of his achievements at IAR.

Everything you do matters

After graduation, Evan landed an internship at City Winery NYC with the help of the Career Services. The internship was unpaid, but the experience he gained working with quality musicians made the internship all worth it. A few months later, he was offered an opportunity to internship at Warner Music Group in the Sire Records’ A&R department as full-time temp Coordinator. And just until recently, Evan accepted a permanent full-time as a Coordinator for Warner Music Group which is he absolutely love.

Evan’s advice to a current IAR students?

My advice for IAR students would be to stay true to yourself and take your education seriously. I’ve come across too many people who take school lightly and feel like they are owed something – whether it is a degree or a job. Everything you do matters. Work hard. Own your struggles. Always keep your goal(s) in mind, but most of all, enjoy the process. Things don’t happen overnight, and in my opinion, it’s better that they don’t.

Dan Millice: Latin Grammy Nomination

IAR's instructor, Dan Millice, mastered an album has been nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Portuguese Language Rock Album.

The winner will be announced on November 16th. Wish him luck and congratulate Dan on his nomination!

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