Join the Bauxite Virtual Book Club!

What is it?

The way that this book club will work is that the students that have joined the club will read the book that has been decided upon and will have a three week period to read five chapters of the book and to make a video of a summary of those five chapters and their opinions of what they think of the five chapters they read. These videos will have to be five minutes or less or else the video will not be submitted.

How it works

The book that the club will be reading will be decided by a voting system. I will pick two books that have been approved by the high school librarian then the members of the club will vote on which book they would like to read. The videos that the members have made will be sent to the Book Club’s school email address ( will then put these videos on the Book Club’s website using the video editing capabilities of the website YouTube.

The Young Elites II The Story of Owen

Friday, Jan. 29th, 9pm

Read the book and post your chapter summaries to