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January 31, 2020

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Mindset News

WBA is teaching our scholars about Mindset. It is important for you to be aware of what it is, why it's important, and how you can support it.

Parents are a child's first teachers. Did you know that our kids are ALWAYS watching us and internalizing how we deal with life? What kind of model are you being for your kids? Ralph Waldo Emerson said it beautifully when he said, “Your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear your words.” How do you deal with a stressful situation? Are you a role model worth following? Are there areas of your life you wish your kids would act differently than you? As a parent, we are constantly juggling what to share with our kids and what may not be appropriate for them to know. I believe that our kids need to see that we, too, deal with stressful situations. And it is totally okay to admit to a mistake and show our kids how we can grow from a mistake and move on. Life is tough, and as humans we are not perfect! BUT, sharing our ups and downs with our kids and growing together is an amazing blessing.

As you are dealing with life's curve balls, remember that your kids are watching you and learning from you....so BREATHE through it! Model the behavior that you want to see in your kids.....no pressure there, right?

Here are 10 ways your kids are watching you: (from http://www.markmerrill.com/10-ways-your-kids-are-watching-you/)

1. Your language. So watch what you say. Whether you think they are listening or not, they hear you. Be careful not to call other people names or curse if you don’t want your kids doing the same things.

2. Your tone. How you talk to someone is just as important as the words that are used. Be careful to speak to your spouse and others with respect.

3. Your attitude. Negativity breeds more negativity. Have a can-do attitude for your child to be prepared to take on the world. Sometimes even the smallest attitude adjustment can go a long way.

4. Your manners. Are your elbows on the table? Do you hold doors for women when out in public? Your children will be little gentlemen and little ladies only if you model it yourself.

5. Your confidence. Exhibit confidence to your kids in doing what is good. Always do the right things for the right reasons.

6. Your work ethic. Life isn’t just about entertaining ourselves. Get your kids involved in the chores and teach them the importance of hard work.

7. Your discipline. Who likes a half-cleaned room? Stick with a task until it is complete and your kids will hopefully do the same.

8. Your forgiveness. We all make mistakes. Are you modeling forgiveness for your children? And do you apologize when you are in the wrong?

9. Your shelter. Are you someone your kids know they can run to when they’re having a rainy day? Or, do you leave them out in the storm to fend for themselves?

10. Your love. The greatest gift that you can give your children is love. Be a model of love to your kids. Show and tell your children that they mean the world to you. They will learn to love the way that you do.

Have you taken the survey yet?

ALL parents are encouraged to share feedback by completing the MISD Parent Satisfaction Survey. The survey is open Jan. 13 through Feb. 18. The results from the survey help us with goal-setting and campus improvement. You can find the survey here. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2019-20MISDParentsurvey
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Valentine's Party 2/13

Our sweet WBA PTA is treating each class with a Valentine's Party on Thursday, February 13th. Parents are welcome to attend, but as usual, must check in with ID before entering the building. You can register for a Fast Pass here: http://bit.ly/WBAValentine

Valentine's Party in Homeroom Classes

Thursday, February 13th

1:15-2:00 - Kinder, 1st grade, FALS & Success

2:30-3:15 - 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade

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Volunteer/Chaperone Requirements

If you foresee that you will do any volunteering on campus or attend a field trip as a chaperone, you must complete a background check. This is a requirement in MISD. A background check must be completed EVERY YEAR. A completed check will apply to all MISD schools, but it is very helpful if you choose Willie Brown Academy when you apply. If you have not completed a background check for this school year (beginning July 1), you will not be able to volunteer or attend a field trip. https://www.mansfieldisd.org/parents-students/campus-volunteers


Please join the Willie Brown campus REMIND group! This is a fast and easy way for Principal Eastlick to get a message out to parents when needed. Your phone number stays confidential!
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