Georgia O'Keeffe

Caitlin Brown

Biography of Georgia

Georgia O’Keeffe was born on November 15th, 1887 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. She began her successful art career as a child. She would spend her free time drawing. When O’Keeffe graduated from high school she continued her school and attended the Art Institute of Chicago. After completing college she became an art teacher. She then started getting attention from a photographer named Alfred Stieglitz. The two married and their marriage lasted until Alfred’s death. When she gained enough financial support from her teaching she quit to fulfill her dream of being an artist. Her art career kicked off with multiple charcoal paintings and abstract paintings. Now her recognizable pieces are often paintings of flowers or landscapes. With the architecture improving, Georgia often spent time drawing new buildings. With the economy on her side she also owned several houses so she would have a variety of places to draw and many different settings and sceneries. In the last two decades of her life her art career slowly came to a stop. She had health issues and became blind causing her successful career to end. Then on March 6th, 1986 she died at 98 and her ashes were spread in New Mexico, one of her favorite places.

Georgia's Impact on the World

In Georgia’s 98 years of life she created thousands of pieces of art. Her art also seemed to be in series and she would work on more series or make one series longer. She is said to be the first great female artist. When the world was changing and improving and people were inspired that Georgia stayed true to herself and did not change her goals or anything that she wanted to accomplish. The world around her changing only inspired her to create art of different things but not change herself. The public had never seen artwork quite like hers. The art she created was often described as erotic and strange. Her art expressed her feelings and emotions and mood.
Georgia O'Keeffe talking about her life and work


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