Sixth Grade Band Bulletin

March/April Edition

Happy Spring Break

Dear Parents

We are right in the middle of a very busy time for the band. This newsletter focuses on the upcoming events and assessments.

I hope you have had a wonderful Spring Break. If you are traveling, please travel safe. I'm just returned from sunny Arizona. It was nice getting away and seeing the Cubs. I think this is our year!

As always, please contact me with questions.


Rob Buckley

All-City Band Concert: April 5th!

I sent home a previous email with a flyer about the upcoming All-City Concert. I will be sending it again. Please contact me with any questions.

Hoagie Sale Going on Now!!

On Tuesday before break, I sent home an email about the Music Buffs Hoagie Sale.

If you are not familiar with this traditional fundraiser, it is now in its 34th year.

The great part about this fundraiser is that it benefits the Buffs (they can buy us new instruments), it benefits the students (students earn a $1 Buffs Buck for each Hoagie they sell), and they are delicious!

All RMS Sales are done online. If you know people who may be interested, they can go to the online form and order hoagies. They just enter your child's name. Your child gets credit!

Here is the website:

Here is the RMS Letter from the buffs

The Sale Ends Friday, April 8!

New Spring Concert Date

I sent an urgent email the week before break with information about our Spring Concert Date (not to be confused with All-City). This is the final concert of the year: "Music from Around the World."

The new date May 16th. The time of the concert is still 7:30pm. It is still located at RMS.

Upcoming Assessments

With the absence of GLE's, students are focusing on instrument-specific concepts. Each concept has an assessment at the conclusion of the lessons. It is VERY important that the music taught during these lessons is practiced at home. These concepts are advanced. Not practicing consistently will result in in lower scores on the assessments and more importantly not being able to play the more advanced technique. These advanced concepts are going to ensure that your child is ready for the rigors of seventh grade band.

Students who want additional help can simply ask me for help, and I will be glad to help them before or after school.

Upcoming Concepts/Assessments:

Brass Chromatic Concepts/Assessment (Trombones, F. Horns, Baritones, Tubas)

Woodwind Low Note Concept/Assessment

Percussion Snare Drum Rolls Concept/Assessment

6/8 Time Concept/Assessment (all)

Six Scales Assessment (G (new), C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab Scales)

Because these assessments have different point values, you will only see grades in Powerschool for your child's assessment. For all other assessments, your child will have a score of Ex (exempt).


The BIGGEST event of the year is fast approaching. The Music Buffs All-School Fundraiser ROTOLOPALOOZA! What is it? It is a huge night at RMS which includes a glow dance party, huge inflatables, a dodgeball tournament, concessions, and tons of fun.

The money made at this event helps the Music Buffs provide for our music needs and wants in all the Batavia schools.

Tickets ($15.00) will be on sale soon.

Parents...We need your help to make this the best Rotolopalooza ever! If you are free to help us that night, please consider signing up to help us. A sign-up form will be emailed home soon!

Music Buffs Scholarship Application Now Available

One of the many benefits of having the Batavia Music Buffs' support is the scholarship opportunity they give each student going to a residential band camp.

Each student attending a band camp can apply for a $50 scholarship that can be used to make the cost of the camp come down.

In order to get the money, the student needs to apply for the scholarship on the Music Buffs Website.

Here is the direct link:

Please note the due date. They will not accept applications past that due date.