Social Media

JaKarra Davenport

The Top 3 Social Media Sites

Instagram- An Online Photo Sharing Website

Where Likes, Comments And FILTERS Can Boost A Persons Self-Esteem.

Facebook-An Online Social Network.

Twitter-A Social Media Website With The Posting Of Pictures, Status Videos, Etc.

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Facebook- An Online Networking Social
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Defining Social Media (Essay)

Social Media Allows People To Exchange Information. Social Media Is Important And Trendy Nowadays, Because Its Life. Its Important To Society Because, Its Provides Information To The World, And Its Entertaining.Social Media Is Defined As A Group That Is Built Upon The People. And It Lets People Create And Expand There Imagination. sometimes Social Media Can Be A Good Image And Sometimes It Can Be A Bad Image. It Can Be Good Because, Some Things Can Help People Or Encourage Them Too. It Can Make A Bad Image Because, All Of The Negativity And Hate People Show To One Another. Social Media Should Be A Good Thing. Not Something That Is Full Of Negativity. There Are Many Of Effects To Using The Internet.Its A Proven Fact That Most Internet Users Spend There Time On Social Media.