The 5 W's of the Crusades

By Julianne Sulski and Flor Torres

The First Crusade

What- the first crusade

When- 1096–1099

Who- the Muslims and Christians

Where- in Jerusalem

Why- The Christians wanted to take back Jerusalem

Result- Byzantine empire had hoped to gain far more territory then it did but they had to settle for parts of western Anatolia and some Mediterranean islands

The Second Crusade

What- the second crusade

When- 1145

Who- France and Germany against the Turks

Where- Edessa

Why- religious people from around the area told the soldiers that they needed to fight for their religion

Result- nothing was accomplished, and it ended when the remains of the army made a joint attack on Damascus and raised a siege

The Third Crusade

What- the third crusade

When- 1189–1192

Who- the Christians and the Muslims

Where- Great Britain and modern day Syria and Israe

Why- because the European leaders wanted to re conqueror the holy land from the rule of Saladin

Result- both sides were willing to surrender, and there was too many nights and cavaliers killed from both sides to continue fighting