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Brianna Tailor

What is perseverance?

The definition of perseverance is to never give up and to try your best. Why do people need perseverance? People need to persevere to fight through their adversities. These short stories will inform you on people that have persevered through their lives.

Helping Each other Through Struggles


In the video “Carry on” there are two boys. One is named Dartanyon Crockett and the other is Leroy Sutton. They are similar because they both have a disability that does not stop them from what they want to do in their lives and they love wrestling. They are also really good friends, it is like they are brothers. They help each other through their daily rituals. They are different because Leroy got hit by a train and lost both legs and Dartanyon is legally blind. Another difference is that Dartanyon wanted to win a medal in the paralympics for judo and Leroy did not. Dartanyon was as good as an elite Judo wrestler. Lastly, they are different because Leroy has parents/grandparents to take care of him and Dartanyon does not because his dad was addicted to drugs and alcohol and his mom died when he was eight. Overall Dartanyon and Leroy will always be close friends.

Spend time with Family


There were many problems in the video “Losing to Win”. One of them is that the parents of the girls were not taking care of them and they were either addicted to alcohol or drugs, or never home. This is a complication because the girls had nobody to stay with so they had to run away or stay with relatives. A possible result to this problem is that the parents should realize what their children are going through and help them if they are struggling. This response is beneficial because the girls will have a family to go home to and spend time with while out of school. It will also allow them to communicate with their families more often which would make them reconcile. Lastly, there will be more opportunities for the girls parents to send them to a better school. Therefore, the problem will be solved and the girls will not be distraught in school and can be sent to a school other than the academy.



There are many examples of cause and effect in “The Noble Experiment”. The cause of Rickey’s noble experiment is to prepare Jackie for all of the rejection and abuse that white people could show him if he makes the baseball team. If everyone in the world treated each other equally, then there would be no need for Branch Rickey to do this experiment. The reason why Jackie saw Rickey’s offer to join the team as “ Some kind of weird mixture churning in a blender” is because he was shocked and surprised that he was accepted to be on the team. If Jackie was accepted onto other teams when he was younger, then he would not have a bunch of mixed emotions about being on the team. The effect of Jackie feeling offended and morose when Rickey asked if he had the guts to be on the team is because it was like he was not as confident as Jackie was about being on the baseball team. It is important that no matter who you are everyone should treat each other how they want to be treated.

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Learning from others Perseverance

What can we learn from the perseverance of others in order to overcome adversity in today's world? The perseverance of others can help us overcome adversity in today's world by inspiring us to do what they did to fight through their adversities. It can also make us believe that if someone else can do something, we could do it too. Lastly, we can learn how to deal with adversity by the perseverance of others because it will motivate you to be strong and fight through your hard times.