African Elephants

African Elephant Facts

  • largest land animal on Earth today
  • live up to 70 years in the wild
  • can be 13ft tall at the shoulder
  • weigh up to 14,000lbs
  • herbivores (only eat plants)
  • group in herds
  • threatened
  • live in 37 different countries in Africa
  • trunks are used for handling objects and communication
  • ears can help radiate excess heat

Why are they Threatened?

African elephants were mainly threatened in the 1980s because of a sudden demand for ivory. Populations were reduced by 3 to 5million in the last century. Now, poaching elephants is illegal. The main reason today why elephants are threatened is from loss of land due to human settlement expansions. Their roaming land shrunk from over 3 million square miles, to just over 1 million square miles.