Third Grade Update

Mrs. Kletrovetz's Class

In Review

Whew! It has been a busy couple of weeks and the calendar looks as if it is going to continue to be!

Kletrovetz's math class has been working through operational vocabulary. We have worked through various strategies that help us solve word problems. In addition, we have continued our review of base ten, rounding, multi-digit addition and subtraction. Problem solving has some of us stumped, so I am asking for any extra help at home.

We are entering into the twelfth week of word study and have been working with nouns and pronouns through learn Students are then transferring this knowledge to other activities.

Our study of geography has brought about great review and discussion of map diagrams, comparisons of physical and political maps, and alphanumeric grids. Key components of third grade geography are identifying the difference between physical and political maps, reading/using maps correctly, creating their own maps, and then using their knowledge of maps and geography to help them understand human movement - Why do we have regions? What do states in certain regions have in common (such as climate and landforms)?, Why did people settle in those areas? We also have to look at how human movement has modified the land.

Reading - we are working through text comparisons with LOTS of writing as well as working through small reading groups. Students are participating in a variety of activities within their own groups such as compare/contrast, cause/effect, categorizing/classifying, character trait recognition and RACE questions.

Writing - Students completed their unit on persuasive writing with the filming of group commercials. Students then critiqued their commercials with a compliment and suggestion for one another. GREAT FEEDBACK!

We are now moving into narrative writing in two forms: personal experience and imaginative writing. We are starting out by getting the students to focus on a "seed" rather than the whole watermelon. We will be pushing them towards using dialogue, plot, etc.

Monster Book Fair

Thank you for your participation in the PTO Book Fair. Students reached the goal of $1,000.00 towards literacy.
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