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Parent Teacher Conferences- October 2nd and 7th

Before we know it, it will be October, and time for us to get together and talk about all of the great work your child is doing in 5th grade as well as set goals for areas of need or improvement. I look forward to having this time with you! If a different day would work better for you (especially as time slots fill in quickly, simply send me an email and we'll work out an alternative date and time). We are partners in your child's education and it is important that we have this time to sit down and talk.

Click here to go to my schedule for Oct. 2/Oct. 7. You can also find the link on our North Elementary home page.

Hat Day

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Narratives- Writing Workshop- Flash Drafting

This week we have been working on revision and the writers tried a technique called Flash Drafting, which basically means that you take a draft and rewrite it a different way, with the same events. I believe in showing the kids that I write (and revise) too and I use my own writing drafts, published examples, as well as student exemplars to model techniques and craft. Ask your child what he or she is writing about and how their draft has been changing.

Reading Workshop- A New App

Inspiration Maps is a free app we have tried out this week to map out our thinking about Justin, a character from Wonder. Readers chose categories or events that were important to us getting to know Justin. Below, you will find student examples. It's one of the many ways we organize our thoughts about reading.
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Inspiration Maps Created by Our Readers

More Highlights of the Week!

A Highlight of My Week

I see each of your children have little accomplishments and work through moments of frustration each day, which is priceless. One proud moment this week was when we were writing Thursday in close quarters flash drafting. I could see several faces beaming after reworking a part of writing that they didn't know they could make better. Sometimes pushing through uncomfortable moments of uncertainty are when the best learning happens. I saw lots of this happening this week in writing and in math. I believe in your children and they will continue to do little "big" things all year. It's one of the best parts of teaching.