Curtis Art Club

art club
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Activities for Art Club

Table 1- Clay

Students will be able to make sculptures with play doh or original clay

Table 2- Computer

Students will be able to work with CookieSwirlC or Art for Kids Hub to draw or paint objects.

Table 3- Sew

Students will be able to make stuff for them or for toys.

Table 4- Draw

Students will be able to create their own art with free draw or watercolor

Table 5- Art of the Day

A weekly activity or project

Possible Connections

  • High School art student to possibly give a lesson via hangout or in person.
  • Local businesses to display art created by Curtis Art Club
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Field trip to the Kimball Art Museum for Art Club

The field trip to the Kimball Art Museum would be a free field trip for students. We would only need to pay for bus.

Tour dates, times, and themes are subject to availability.

All reservations must be finalized at least three weeks prior to the date of the tour.

Docent-guided tours last approximately one hour, unless otherwise noted.

10–60 students per hour; one chaperone with every 10 students.

To schedule, contact the tour programs coordinator at 817-332-8451, ext. 249, or Identify at least three preferred tour dates in advance to save time when scheduling.

In-depth tours explore architectural considerations such as structure, siting, materials, and the use of natural light. For 60 minutes, focus on either the Louis Kahn Building (1972) or the Renzo Piano Pavilion (2013); 75-minute tours visit both Kimbell buildings.

Shape, Line, and Color

Explore visual elements in both paintings and sculpture to learn about how artists communicate ideas in art.

To Tell a Story
Lights, canvas, action! Discover how artists tell stories through gesture, expression, setting, and intriguing details.

The Five Senses
How do artists encourage us to imagine sounds, smells, tastes, and textures? Investigate how we experience artworks through all five senses.