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April 2021: SENIOR ISSUE

What's in this Issue for the Class of 2021?

  • *NEW* Senior Shout Out
  • *NEW* Naviance Tasks - SENIOR EXIT SURVEY
  • *NEW* Jobs & Internships
  • Moorpark College - Class Registration
  • Scholarships with April deadlines
  • So You Need More Money!
  • Work Permits
  • Mr. Guerin & Mrs. Hong's Calendars

This Smore updated 4/6/2021 @4:40pm - check back weekly for the latest update.

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  1. April = Submit Your SENIOR SHOUT OUT - complete this FORM
  2. May 1st = Your Naviance Senior Exit Survey >> tell us where you are headed, for the Panther Prowler and your Final Transcript. Instructions under NAVIANCE tasks below.

Need to chat with Mr. Guerin or Mrs. Hong >>> scroll down to bottom to book an appointment.

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Due by May 3rd

  1. (10 minutes or less) Upper Right Hand Corner "ABOUT ME" >> Surveys >> Graduation Survey
  2. If you have not finished: Update your College Applications by selecting "Applied, Accepted, Denied, Deferred, Waitlisted"
  3. Delete any colleges you did not apply to. If you cannot delete it, email Mrs. Hong
  4. If you applied to Moorpark College, make sure that is in your list of applications
  5. Update the 1 College you will be attending (SO WE KNOW WHERE TO SEND YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPT)
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Midtown Veterinary Clinic

Midtown Veterinary Clinic in Newbury Park has MORE job openings for high school students!

If you are interested, email Julie Shain:

You may want to update your resume in preparation for next steps. Template below:

Resume Template

Interested in full-time work after graduation?

HK Lighting Group on Old Conejo road has 1 open position for a NP graduate. The last NP graduate has worked there for 4 years with promotions. They LOVE us!

HK Lighting provides high-end lighting for outdoor architectural and landscape design.

If you would like to apply, send your resume to Shirley Zien

Have a question? Call Shirley at 805-480-4881.

  1. Warehouse Shipping & Receiving Clerk
  • $13.00 per hour to start with potential for future raises
  • Full time job but is flexible for seniors and future college students
  • Sort incoming orders
  • Move items to correct locations (be able to lift up to 40 pounds)
  • Receive shipments
  • Take inventory
  • Packing and shipping
  • Learn to use QuickBooks software for FedEx and UPS shipping
  • Potential for promotion
  • Holidays off
  • Applicants should be RESPONSIBLE, hard-working, have attention to detail, willing to learn, and good communication skills.
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SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY is coming to The Panther Nation!

April 15th at 11:15 ZOOM for CVUSD only!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 927 9714 9143


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How to Apply and Register: All steps MUST be completed.

  1. Submit your Application (How to Apply)
  2. After receiving "Welcome" email: Set up Your "MyVCCCD" Portal (How to Set Up)
  3. Complete Your Online Orientation (How to Complete)
  4. Complete Your English Self-Placement Assessment (How to Complete - NO math)
  5. Accept your Financial Aid Package (How to Complete - once it has been awarded)

Once those steps are completed, you are eligible to meet with a Counselor to complete your Education Plan and create your fall semester schedule at a Raider Day - contact Mrs. Hong if you need help.

Registration Rocks week = NPHS is scheduled with MC to help you register for classes.

REGISTER NPHS = Monday, May 3rd 1:00pm - 2:15pm

Open to all schools REGISTER Wednesday, May 5th 4:00pm - 5:15pm

Open to all schools REGISTER Thursday, May 6th 9:00am - 10:15am

Open to all schools REGISTER Thursday, May 6th 3:00pm - 4:15pm

Can't make an event, here is How to Register and Pay for Classes

You can also stay connected by following MC on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

From The Moorpark College Financial Aid Office

"If we have the 2021-2022 FAFSA/CADAA & the student qualifies for CCPG (California College Promise Grant) it’s already awarded, visible to them on their portal, & they already were emailed an award letter at the email with the information.

If the student will qualify for the Moorpark Promise these awards happen generally in July once we receive funding from the state. The student can contact our office in early July before the payment comes due or can contact our office now at 805-378-1462 to discuss if they appear to be eligible for the Moorpark Promise."

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So You have completed your:

  • FAFSA/CA Dream Act
  • Applied to Local Scholarships
  • Received your Financial Aid Package from your accepted college

And now, you need more money to go to your Dream College!

* Call the Financial Aid office at the college with a parent/guardian/adult (if possible)

  • Ask them for more scholarships, grants, and work study that you can apply for
  • Confirm your Financial Aid and tuition bill
  • Specifically, ask about jobs in HOUSING. These jobs can give Free room & board (food) = you may not get it Freshman year but it can come in handy for the years after.
  • For out-of-state public colleges, ask them about obtaining in-state residency, what is required? You may switch to in-state tuition if you become a resident.
* Lookup the Dean or Notable Professor on your intended Major's webpage
  • Email or Call them asking for opportunities for incoming Freshman
  • Do not miss any deadlines or cool opportunities like study abroad, internships, research, jobs, grants, and more money.

Most often, your Freshman year is the most expensive!

Some other opportunities:

  • Join the ROTC program at your college for Freshman year. Typically, you take 1 leadership class a semester/quarter, workout once a week with friends, and you do not sign a contract to become an Officer until Sophomore year.
  • If you decide the ROTC program is not right for you, you do not have to continue (no penalties because you are not under contract.) If you decide it is right for you, they will pay your tuition, earn a stipend each month, and help pay for your room & board and books.
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It's a two-step process:

1. Application and Signatures

  • the student, along with

  • the parent/guardian and

  • employer must fill out the B1-1 form: “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age” and submit to the College and Career Center

California Work Permit APPLICATION Form: “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age”

2. Processing:

  • The school reviews the completed and signed B1-1 form and issues the B1-4 (Work Permit). Processing time usually takes 2 business days.

Procedure when school is in Virtual session:

1. Print and fill out Work Permit form, above
2. Collect necessary signatures
3. Convert to PDF using a scanner or phone
4. Email completed form to Ms. Tuell at
5. Return the processed work permit to your employer
  • Processing Time: Two - three business days

NPHS College and Career Center

Mr. Guerin - Career Education Coordinator: or

Schedule a Zoom appointment on Mr. Guerin’s Calendar

Mrs. Hong - College and Career Guidance Specialist: or

Schedule a Zoom appointment on Mrs. Hong’s Calendar

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