Florida Keys Pod Squad

Looking for Volunteers!

Two beached whales found!

Lady and Squirt, found by young girl Koby Easton, found the whales beached on the sand flats in the night. These whales require a lot of love and patience to recover.

About Koby....

Koby has a prosthetic leg in which she calls her 'leggy'. At first, Koby was very self conscience about it, but soon went on without it. At first, several volunteers were doubtful of Koby, but soon forgot their doubts as Koby showed strength,courage,perseverance, and undying love for the whales
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The whales...

The whales are Lady, the mother of Squirt, a healthy young male whale. They get better each day with the help of the volunteers and Koby's love for them.

Release Day...

The whales are finally healthy enough to be released into open ocean! "Although Koby is very happy," Says Tracy,"She found it very hard to let go of the thing she loved most.The whales."