First Aid for Horses

By: Rebecca Gilmore

Keep These in Every Horse Aid Kit

1. Mercury or digital thermometer

A thermometer will quickly tell you if your horse has an elevated temperature--a sure sign of a health problem that needs attention.

2. Antiseptic Wound Cleaner

You'll find antiseptic wound cleaners such as Hibitane, Betadine or Novalsan scrubs are useful for washing skin infections, cuts and punctures.

3. Cutters

A pair of sharp scissors is essential in a horse first aid kit. If you have wire Fences there is a chance your horse could get entangled.

4. Clean Stable Wraps

Keep a clean set of Leg wraps handy for emergencies.

5. Gamgee,Gauze Diapers,Cottons or Other Absorbent Padding

Use for padding under leg wraps or cut up for wound dressing.

6. Self-Sticking Bandages

In a first aid situation use to keep a dressing in place, or help support stable wraps.

7. Zinc Oxide Cream

This will help clear up grease heel, and protect and heal minor cuts and nicks. You can find zinc oxide creams in the baby care section of your drugstore.

8. Salts

Epsom salts are great for drawing out infection.

9. Antiseptic Cream or Ointment

Nicks, cuts and scrapes can be encouraged to heal by keeping the skin moist and clean.

10. Books

There are lots of great veterinary first aid books on bookstore shelves. You’ll want a small notebook to keep track of temperatures or write down things you want to tell the vet.