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Mrs. White's US History

Description of Class

The emphasis of this course is on furthering the knowledge and understanding of American society today by examining the political, economic, and social changes that took place in our past. We will examine how the American people have used their intelligence, their skills, and their ability to adapt to meet the challenges of their times. This class is not meant to be a discussion of a disconnected past, but rather a discussion of our present lives as viewed through the lens of history. Thus the objectives for this course are threefold:

1) To provide students with a historical knowledge base.

2) To further develop a student’s analytical and communication skills.

3) To encourage a reflective attitude towards the world in which we live.

There will be some course material that cannot be mastered without some diligent studying. There will also be some course material that requires skill in primary source analysis and graphical interpretation. And there will finally be some course material that will involve students reflecting on their individual roles in the world today as members of a community.

Course Materials

Required Materials

1) Notebook computer (issued by LEHS): Students will be issued an Elite Pad by LEHS in August. We will use these computers on most days, so students are required to bring their computer to class each day. All school rules regarding computer use will apply in class. .

2) FLASH DRIVE (Best Buy: $10-30): It’s a good chance that each computer will, at some point, need maintenance. Often times those computers are returned with missing documents on the hard drive. The best way to ensure that all work, notes, pictures, etc. are permanently saved is to store them on a USB flash drive. You are encouraged to bring one to class each day.

3) 3-ring binder with dividers for each of the 8 standards : You will be required to keep a notebook in which you organize your notes, in-class assignments, and other papers.

4) notecards

Required Text

United States History by Pearson

USHC Course Sequencing By Standards

Standard 1- Development of Democracy-10 days

Standard 2- Regions of the Early 19th Century- 10 days

Standard 3- The Civil War and Reconstruction- 10 days

Standard 4- Industrial Development and Society- 10 days

Standard 5- The U.S. as a World Power- 10 days

Standard 6- The U.S. in the 1920s and 1930s- 10 days

Standard 7- World War II and its Impact- 10 days

Standard 8- Social, Economic, and Political Issues- 10 days

EOC Specific Review work-Remaining Days following completion of the Curriculum


Students will succeed by displaying Demon Spirit in my classroom zone by showing pride, integrity, respect, and involvement in the following ways:

  • keep the classroom clean

  • have integrity in your work and actions

  • show respect to yourself and others through your actions and your words

  • actively participate in a positive manner in class.

Make Up Work Policy

Students who have lawful absences will be allowed to make up work missed. Teachers will assist students with the make-up work as needed either before school, after school, or at a mutually convenient time during the day. Once the teacher provides make-up work, the student has five (5) school days to complete the make-up work. Work that was previously assigned will be due the day the student returns from the absence. The principal reserves the right to extend the make-up work time in the case of an extenuating circumstance.

No late work will be accepted unless students attend after school make-up sessions. Students who need help should arrange for an after school session with Mrs. White on Thursday.

Grading Policy

Nine weeks grades are calculated using the district policy of 50% minor and 50% major grades. Final semester grades will be determined by the district policy of 40% per nine weeks and 20% final exam. Work for each EOC SC Standard will be graded.

Mrs. S. White

Conferences may be scheduled between 9:30-10:30 or after school