Adjustable Standing Desks

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

How To Choose The Best Standing Desk

Ideal Workspace has introduced height adjustable standing desks to address the adverse effects of being seated for most of the working day. Our height adjustable standing desks allow you to work from either sitting or standing position while making it easy for you to switch positions whenever you like. It sits on the top of your existing desk and when you need to stand up, you can simply raise the desk up using handles on each side. Reverse the process to revert back to a seated position.

Our height adjustable standing desk is affordable, effective and easy to use for both home and office work. It is designed to improve your health and well-being bring while increasing your productivity throughout the working day. At Ideal Workspace, we strive to help you:-

-) Work in a healthy way.

-) Work in a comfortable position.

-) Enhance your energy level.

-) Increase your productivity level.

-) Improve your focus during work.

Dual Monitor Standing Desk

The Kangaroo Elite Dual Monitor Standing Desk helps you multi-task easily and effectively. It works best if you need to make use of two monitor screens and provides with immense work surface for reading and writing.

Single Monitor Standing Desk

The Kangaroo Pro series featuring Single Monitor Standing desk is ideal if you use a single monitor for your work. It comes in two different sizes and presents sufficient work surface for reading and writing while optimizing the work space.

There have been numerous studies that show alternating between sitting and standing during work can help reduce neck and back aches, increase productivity and improve your concentration and focus.

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