Luke's Culture Interview

By: Jake Minder


Concrete Expressions

1. What are typical foods served in the culture?

Normal Foods

2. Are there any typical styles of dress?


3. What do people do for fun?


4. Where do they live?

In a House

Recognized Behaviors

1. How do people greet one another?


2. Describe how a few different holidays are celebrated.

Iowa for holidays.

3. How would a visitor be welcomed to someone’s home?

Hello as a greeting

Explicit Beliefs

1. What personal activities are seen as public? What activities are seen as private?

Age events

2. What are the cultural attitudes toward aging and the elderly?


Other Questions

1. Do they have siblings?

Sister. Lindsey

2. What is their favorite type of music?

Hip Hop and Pop

3. What are their feelings on education?

Smarter when older

4. What is their favorite type of creative activity? (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.)

Board Games

5. What type of movies do they enjoy?

Action Movies