Instructional Coaching!

Where Every Day is Game Day!!

Set your game plan to get the most out of your classroom "teams!"

As a teacher, every day is Game Day, and it is like being the head coach of several different teams (your classes)! Each team comes with different players (students), and the head coach (teacher) works to maximize the performance of each individual player.

So...have you ever wanted an assistant coach? Someone to support you, AND help get the best performance from each of your players? If so, I'll sign my letter of intent to work with you!

From management strategies, to presenting content, to getting more engagement from all your players, I want to be your assistant coach to help maximize their development!


  • I can help in getting ideas, doing research, analyzing data, and finding resources to use in upcoming units!
  • As your assistant, we can collaboratively plan a lesson or series of lessons that meet best practices for instruction in your subject area!
  • In addition, we can discuss how to bring out the most in each individual player through differentiation!

Game Day!

  • I can be the assistant head coach and be an active part of "calling the plays" (co-teaching)!
  • I can coach a small group on the team, or players on an individual basis according to their needs (differentiate)!
  • I can take stats on individual player performance so that we are able to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the game plan!

Post Game!

  • We can reflect and discuss the effectiveness of our game plan.
  • We can target the strengths of our team and brainstorm additional ways to continue to improve player performance.
  • As your assistant, I am willing to listen, learn from you, and help with any area you may want or need.

Connect With Others on the Coaching Staff

  • I will cover a class, or classes so you can go scout another colleague or content area.
  • I can also assist you in getting a chance to work with someone in another building, or perhaps help set up a visit to scout what may be happening in another district!

Here are some ideas I could research and help you develop to best fit your teams!

Ask Me!

I am more than willing to research and find answers for you regarding any of these topics and more!

  • Standards Based Grading
  • Formative Assessment
  • Iowa Core