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Compare and Contrast

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both fought for equal rights. Malcolm X fought in a different way than Martin Luther King Jr did. Malcolm X physically fought because he thought it would make a better difference than being peaceful like Martin Luther King Jr. was. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. both were two strong leaders who wouldn’t give up no matter how bad the situation was. People threatened to kill them but that didn’t matter, because even though they both fought in different ways; they were as brave and determined as anybody could be

Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech
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Early in Nelson Mandela’s life he lived in very racist environment. Nelson tried his best to change how racist the white people were. Later Mandela was put in jail for trying to fight for equal rights.He was there for a very long time when they finally told him he could be free in one condition,to stop fighting for equal rights. He denied the chance to leave jail and stayed. After that he was still living in jail hearing about all the violence that the blacks were doing. Mandela was very upset to hear about what the blacks were doing. Lastly when the people let him out he stopped all the violence and racism that was in the country.


The Civil Rights era was very bad. All the blacks were limited from doing what they wanted to do. For example they had to give up there seat on the bus, they had to drink from the different water fountain and sit on the other side of the movie theater. Blacks were marching for equal rights. They never gave up even from all the horrible things they have been through. They kept marching and fighting for their rights and finally got them.

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