Come To Texas

Za'Nyah Walker


Just think about it. Where is everyone going? They're G.T.T! Come on down to Texas where you can have fortile soil, cheap land, and at least 177 acres! Come for adventure and to get away from all of the debt your in.


Here, in Texas we have cheap fortile soil. In the United States an acre would be sold for $1.25. Now in Texas, it could be bought for 12.5 cents per acre!


  • You have to be Catholic.
  • You have to pledge your loyalty to Spain.
  • You have to follow the laws.

Land Policy

Farmers can receive 177 acres. Those who raised cattle could obtain a sitio, or a square league of 4,428 acres!!

Description of the land in Texas

Come to Texas with this inexpensive and plentiful, rich soil. Grass for your cattle to eat. Easy acess to water by rivers