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Tuesdays are all about Sparta military.

Sparta society was dominated my the military. Lycurgus built a strong military to help not have a revolt after the last one. The Spartans believe that military power was the way to provide security and protection for their city.

Thursdays are government night.

Sparta was officially ruled by two kings who jointly led the army. Elected officially had more power than kings did. Officials ran everything, like day to day activities. They also handled dealings with other city-states. Their government as made to control the city's slaves. The slaves grew crops and did other jobs. The slave's live's were horrible. They couldn't even leave the land.

Some of the top instructors are Ayden Dillon and Mac Dell.

Sparta is an amazing subject to learn about.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What should we bring?

A: Nothing, we have everything here for you.

Q: What if we can't make it?

A: If you miss it one day, we can talk to you about what we went over the day you missed.

Women and Girls in Sparta

Women and girls in Sparta had more power than women and girls in Greek. Some women in Sparta ran their own land and houses. Women and girls in Sparta didn't spin cloth because they thought it was jobs of slaves, unsuitable for the wives and mothers of soldiers.