Hosted Phone Systems Suck !!!

Do you own your home or rent your home??

Let's Get Real for a sec, who likes paying anyone forever ??

  1. You pay more upfront for a hosted Phone System Solution and it never ends
  2. You always have problems getting service support?
  3. Your training is "please look at these videos"? What, that's it
  4. Everytime you add one phone they "GOTCHA AGAIN" !! Another $29.95 Please !
  5. So then, why ??? Would you ??

On Premise Phone Systems are Not Just a "Smart Decision", it's a no brainer !!

Purchasing a Phone System with a $1 Buy out and no money down ??

  1. Well, that's a refreshing start for a change, no money down
  2. $1 Buyout at the end of the term
  3. 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 Month Terms. Again your choice. Your money.
  4. We have all of the five top VoIP Phone manufacturers that works with several of our systems, so if you already use, Polycom, Grandstream, aastra, snom, cisco, Yealink, you can continue to use those phones and now your really saving money
  5. Phones start at $75 and up

Call me for further details as why buying is better than a hosted solution, anyday !!, "The Phone System Experts", with the right choices for your business.