Southern Colonies

Bailey Smith


  • Virginia was founded in 1607, by the Virginia Company explorers
  • They made their money/profits by growing tobacco
  • They were first a corporate government, but changed to a royal government
  • And they did have town meetings, to talk about policies and budgets
  • When the Europeans arrived in what is now the Virginia territory there was maybe 50,000 Native Americans
  • The immigrants moved here from the midland and southern countries of England
  • Some of the groups that moved to Virginia was Cherokee Indians, Manahoac Indians, Powhatan Indians, etc.
  • Their religion was Anglican
  • In 1722, Virginia government allows families to live rent free for 10 years on land the state owned


  • In 1632, Cecil Calvert, the 2nd Lord of Baltimore, founded Maryland
  • It was founded because England wanted to revoke religious freedoms guaranteed
  • They made money by producing tobacco
  • Their government was proprietary
  • Between 1634 and 1681 the population was between 26,500 and 31,000
  • Very few tribes were officially recorded that migrated to Maryland, but one was Paleo-Indians
  • Their religion was proprietary
  • In 1664, slavery was allowed by law

North Carolina

  • Was founded by the Virginia colonist in 1653
  • Made economy by naval stores and tree sap
  • NC's government was proprietary
  • In 1653 the population was estimated to be 600
  • Most of the immigrants that moved to NC were German speaking individuals from France, and also the Netherlands
  • Some of the Naïve tribes were Lumbee, Coharie, Sapppony, etc.
  • The religion was Anglican
  • In 1729 NC becomes a royal English colony

South Carolina

  • Was founded by King Charles ll, in 1663
  • Made their money by trade, and profits, rice, and also indigo flowers (because it would make blue dye)
  • Government was proprietary
  • Many immigrants came from Barbados, a group of Dutch settlers from New York, and a small amount of French from Huguenots
  • SC's religion was Anglican
  • In 1729 SC becomes a royal English colony


  • Was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1732

  • Made economy by rice crops

  • They were a royal government

  • Population was around 13,000 in 1732

  • Most settlers came from the Carolinas, Virginia, England, and Scotland

  • The religion was Anglican

  • In 1742 Georgia had their first Thanksgiving Day