The Southeast


Southeast states

West Virginia- Charleston

Virginia- Richmond


Tennessee- Nashville

North Carolina-Raleigh

South Carolina- Columbia

Georgia- Atlanta

Florida- Tallahassee

Alabama- Montgomery

Mississippi- Jackson

Louisiana- Baton Rouge

Arkansas- Little Rock


Climate is wacky. Temperature ranges between 80-90 degrees in the spring and summer. There are lots of rain and hail storms. Hurricanes and twisters come every once in a while. But one thing you shouldn't expect is snow.

Natural resources

Have you ever wondered where your jeans come from? Well, they are probably from the southeast. There are lots of cotton fields in the southeast. In Florida there are oranges for orange juice. Peanut fields are everywhere, so finding peanut butter in the grocery store won't be a problem. There are so many natural resources.

Historical sites and landmarks

Do you want to go to the Kentucky derby, well your in luck because, it's right in the southeast. Everything is here, St. Augustine fort in Florida, Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. Also, the Wright brothers made the first airplane right in North Carolina!

Landforms and Waterways

The southeast is great for hiking. There is the Appalachian mountains which go from Georgia to Maine. There are also the Smokey mountains. Also, the Okeechobee is cool too. But don't go swimming in the Mississippi River.

fun facts

1. Virginia has the most amount of presidents born there.

2. The first permanent European settlement

3. There are so many festivals