By Merzedes and Jensyn

What is a Monarchy?

A monarchy is a system of government in which a single ruler exercises supreme power based on heredity divine right.


-Monarchy was more common back in the ancient medieval times, and is very uncommon today. But several monarchies still exist.

-Monarchies today are often seen as a constitutional monarchies. That means they retain a legal and ceremonial role, but has no political power.

-Most states have only one person as a monarch hence the prefix mono.

-Monarchies have heredity rule, which means all of the rulers have come from the same family, and the crown is passed down generation to generation.

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• efficient way of carrying out decisions

and policies

• clear line of succession

• loyalty to monarch as unifying power


• quality of leadership can vary

dramatically from one generation to

the next

• job of running modern nation-state

has become too big for any but the

most exceptional monarchs to do well
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For example:

Queen Elizabeth, the current monarchy of Britain.
Mini BIO - Queen Elizabeth II