The Strawbridge Story

February 7, 2016

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Celebrating February Madness…

- Black History Month

- Children’s Dental Health Month

- American Heart Month

- Birth flower- violet


- Feb. 1- National Freedom Day

- Feb. 2- Groundhog Day

- Feb. 7- Greet Your Neighbor Day

- Feb. 8- Boy Scouts Day

- Feb. 12- Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

- Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day

and Ferris Wheel Day

- Feb. 15- Susan B. Anthony Day

- Feb. 18, Chinese New Year

- Feb. 21, President’s Day

- Feb. 20- Love Your Pet Day

- Feb. 22- George Washington’s Birthday

Internet Safety Assembly

On Friday, January 22, students in grades 3-5 met in the APR with Principal Loffredo and Officer Schwartz. With iPads now in all these students hands we felt it important to discuss online safety. Together Officer Schwartz and I spoke about online safety and cyber bullying- giving real-world examples, and gave the following 4 simple rules.

Online Safety Rules (now hanging in their classrooms)

1. Tell a trusted adult if anything you see online makes you feel sad, scared, or confused.

2. Ask a trusted adult BEFORE sharing information like your name, address, phone number, school name, passwords, photos.

3. Don’t meet anyone face-to-face from the Internet without a parent/trusted adult present.

4. Always use good ‘netiquette’ and don’t be rude or mean online.

Please reiterate these Safety Rules with your child(ren) and be their role model! Thank you for your support.

Please remind your child(ren) to bring in their iPad and headphones daily- fully charged. The world is at their fingertips!

The Week in Review

What happened?... What's coming up?...

Cooler weather is here! The heat is on. Please continue to send in water bottles daily, our rooms still tend to be warm!

February 9, Friday Schedule

February 9, PTA, 6:30pm

February 12, Teacher in-service, NO SCHOOL

February 15, Presidents' Day, NO SCHOOL

February 18, Kindergarten Round-up, 1-2:30pm, Jennings School APR

February 18, BOE meeting, 7pm at the RMS media center

March 18, Mindfulness Assemblies

April 11-15, PARCC testing