Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School

Brock Kilgoar

Title and Author

Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School

Author: Jeff Kinney


The genre is fiction because there is no such thing as Silas Scratch.


The theme of this story is where ever you go you will run into problems. I think that because every time Greg went somewhere he would run into problems.


The protagonist of this story is Greg because he was trying to get away from his mom. Who wanted him to stop playing his video games for one day.


The antagonist of this story is Greg's mom who wants him to stop playing video games and help out with the environment.

Main Character

Greg is the main character of the story. His strengths are young, good a video games, and funny. Greg's weaknesses are he's weak, lazy, and tells lies. Greg's funniest quote Greg,"Luckily, a guy who was actually in shape came up the hill right after that, and I offered to pay him a few bucks if he told everyone he got that way by drinking our NRG Fitness Water."

Settings and how it impact the story

The setting is Hardscrabble Farms how it impact the story is that Greg likes to play video games but that place didn't have video games.

Main conflicts

The main coflict was he just wanted to play video games but his mom wouldn't let him and ended up going to Hardscrabble Farms. A external conflict is he wanted to get away from his mom and internal conflict was where if Greg really wanted to believe in Silas Scratch. The climax is we're they were outside for all night in the rain with barely no shelter. The resolution was that he went through staying at Hardscrabble Farms for week and it wasn't bad after all.

My opinion of the book

I thought it was funny and I like funny books and it talk about this boy who went through want I talk was unbelievable that a boy would do all that.