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Week of December 7th, 2020

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✦ Josiah - 7th Grade

✦ Student Spotlight Entry Survey


✦ Literature Inspired Gingerbread Houses

✦ Winter Wishes Card Exchange

✦ Spanish Parent Workshop

✦ December High School Hangouts

✦ December Workshops

✦ Discovery Day: January and February


✦ Los Penasquitos Canyon Virtual Field Trips for K - 2nd Grade

✦ Build Your Own Holiday Puppet

✦ 24 Days of Merry Making Online: Christmas Tree Paintings


✦ Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

✦ Intervention Website Update

✦ Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week Sixth Grade

✦ Social-Emotional Support


✦ CPA & Edgenuity Spring Course Catalog

✦ Scholarship Opportunities

✦ UC Admissions

Student Spotlight

Josiah’s been trying to play Covid safe performances as much as possible and recently had the opportunity to play at a local Oceanside outdoor pop up event.

A group stopped to enjoy and were totally supportive, dancing, singing along and engaging in conversation. They actually sat through his one hour set twice! When they were getting ready to leave, Josiah played “Clouds” by Zack Sobiech (Disney Plus just released a movie about him and Jason Mraz was in it as well.) When Josiah was done, one of the guys from the group asked If he could record Josiah doing the last chorus to the end and that’s what you see on Jason Mraz’s Instagram post. He said, he would post it on his page and Josiah thanked him (still not knowing who was under the mask.) It was 30 minutes later that an instructor from Coastal Music Studios informed us that Josiah was in-fact, on Jason Mraz’s Instagram and within 45 seconds, had been viewed over 1,000 times already. Josiah’s mostly moved by how supportive Jason Mraz’s fans are. He’s received so many words of encouragement from around the world and it’s motivating him to not “give up” on the arts and live entertainment during a time which is so challenging for artists of all ages. The blessing to simply be heard and seen through a platform like Mr. Mraz’s ... well, it’s epic! Jason Mraz is one of a kind and Josiah wants to thank Coastal Music Studios for always supporting him to follow his passions.

What a cool story! Keep up the amazing work Josiah. Music and art is so important to all of us. Having musicians like you to play for the masses is essential. We can't wait to see what's in store for you!

Click the picture above or here to see the Instagram post!
Student Spotlight Entry Survey

Do you have a student that's had a fantastic achievement or experience that you'd like to share with PCA? Click the button above and tell us about it. We may feature your student in a newsletter or on our group Facebook page.

PCA Happenings

Winter Wishes Card Exchange

Sign up by Wednesday, December 9th!

Spanish Parent Workshop

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December High School Hangouts

December Workshops

Below are the workshops coming up in December!

All workshops are separated by grade level, be sure to sign up for the correct grade.

Don't miss out, sign up today!

TK - 2nd Grade Workshops

3rd - 5th Grade Workshops

Middle School Workshops

Discovery Day

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Discovery Day is ready to kick off 2021 with more exciting activities! Although it is our hope that some Discovery Day events will be in-person in the future, we remain virtual for the time being.

What is Discovery Day?

  • FREE TK-8 educational, interactive, & hands-on virtual workshops led by PCA teachers.
  • Opportunity for students to make consistent connections with PCA teachers & peers in their general area.
  • Each Discovery Day community offers 4 virtual workshops & 1 class party during January & February.

What will students learn?

Students will experience a new learning theme each month. Check out our Jan/Feb Discovery Day Catalog for more details.

  • January: "Meet the Artists" - Learn about famous artists & create art pieces using their trademark styles! (See flyer)
  • February: "Food Science" - Enjoy some simple science activities that involve common food items! (See flyer)

How to Register:

We encourage families to register for a Discovery Day community based on your student's grade and nearest location in order to make connections with consistent teachers & peers in your area. However, families may register with another community if that works better for their schedules. Please refer to the Jan/Feb Schedule for a list of communities & mark your calendars.

January & February Registration
All NEW and RETURNING Discovery Day families who wish to start or continue with us in January & February need to complete this form for each student. Sign up HERE.

You can expect a teacher from your selected Discovery Day community to email you a Zoom link & list of materials approximately 1 week prior to the workshop and/or 1 day before the workshop. If you have not received a Discovery Day email before the workshop, please check your spam folder first and then contact your HST for assistance. If you register less than 48 hrs before the workshop, you may not receive the Zoom link & information in time. As a result, you can either wait for the next workshop or contact your HST for the information.

December Registration

If you are new to Discovery Day and want to join us now for the remainder of December's Winter Wonder STEM, please use the December Discovery Day sign up form as well. If you are already enrolled, there is no need to sign up again for December. However, please be sure to complete the January & February form above if you would like to continue with us after winter break.

We hope to see you soon! Please reach out to your HST if you have questions.

Free Online Fun for Kids

Los Penasquitos Canyon Virtual Field Trip

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve and Adobe has created a great 3 part virtual field trip perfect for younger students, K - 2nd grade!

Learn about why pollinators and plants need each other, how flower parts help with pollination, and how pollinators help people and virtual hike.

Click on the pictures below for each trip!

Build Your Own Holiday Puppet

Monday, December 14 at 12:30pm

In this special FREE holiday class, the Center for Puppetry Arts returns to add a little holiday cheer to your after-school routine! Learn how to make your own "Lil' Light Buddy" candle rod in a live, interactive workshop. Then, explore how candles have become a key element in many holiday celebrations all around the world.

Click the picture for all the details!

24 Days of Merry Making Online: Christmas Tree Paintings

Sunday, December 13 at 2pm

Join this fun holiday craft class designed for your mini makers. What fun to paint a canvas and make it look like a gift! This is a great wall decoration for the holidays.

Click the picture for all the details!

Parent Resources

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Intervention Website Update

Our Intervention Website is currently under construction, so many of the great resources such as the

ODI Recordings are unavailable to families at this time.

Please contact your school's Student Support Coordinator for recommendations on other interventions to support your student's targeted areas of need.

Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week SIXTH Grade


Watch these fun and interactive Math Antics videos to learn/reinforce perimeter and area.

6.G.A.1: I can put together and take apart shapes to help me find the area of right triangles, other triangles, special quadrilaterals and polygons.

6.G.A.1: I can apply what I know about taking apart and putting together shapes to find the area of objects or places in real world situations.

Use the videos you just watched to practice length, width, area, and perimeter. Just print this sheet and grab a piece of graphing paper.

6.NS.C.6.C: I can find and place ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.

6.G.A.3: I can draw polygons in the coordinate plane when I am given the coordinates for the vertices.

Another 6th grade skill, and one of the most challenging, is surface are. Use this fun surface area project to integrate art, engineering, creativity, and math!

6.G.A.4: I can represent and figure out the surface area of a three dimensional shape by using nets made up of rectangles and triangles.

6.G.A.4: I can apply my skills involving finding surface area with nets in real-world and mathematical problems.

Language Arts:

Making inferences and using what you know to figure out more advanced texts is a big part of middle school. Our kids are starting to be exposed to more difficult texts, but may not know the meaning of all the new vocabulary. Use this free activity from teachers pay teachers to make inferences.

RI.6.1: I can refer to the text to support my thoughts and draw inferences about a piece of informational text

RI.6.4: I can figure out the meanings of words and phrases in a piece of informational text by thinking about how they are used.

Do you have a reluctant writer? Sixth graders should be starting to develop a variety of writing skills with more breadth and depth. But they don’t always want to! Try these 7 fun writing activities to get your student writing!

W.6.1.D: I can establish and maintain a formal style in presenting my written arguments

W.6.3.A: I can organize my writing so that the sequence of events occurs naturally and logically.

W.6.3.D: I can use very specific words and phrases, descriptive details and sensory language to express experiences and events in my stories

W.6.6: I can use technology to interact and collaborate with others

What 6th grader doesn’t love watching YouTube? Check out this YouTuber and how he introduces parts of speech like nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.

L.6.3: I can write, speak, read and listen by using my knowledge of the English language.

L.6.1.A: I can make sure that pronouns are used correctly in sentences (as subjects, as objects or as possessives).

L.6.1.B: I can use intensive pronouns correctly (myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves and themselves).

L.6.1.C: I can recognize and correct when pronouns shift inappropriately in number and person.

L.6.1.D: I can recognize and correct vague pronouns (those with unclear antecedents - the words they are referring to).

Social-Emotional Support

Mindset Monday December Topic: Mindfulness

Your body is your MIND?

Mindset Monday Webinar Dates/Times

Monday, December 14th

10:00am - TK-5th grade

1:00pm - 6th-12th grade


Last Month’s Topic: “Nagging Nerves”

If you missed either of our classes on worry and anxiety last month please feel free to check out these recorded summaries:

“Nagging Nerves” Video Session - TK-5th
“Nagging Nerves” Video Session - 6th-12th

Check out our Growth Mindset SEL Website

High School

CPA & Edgenuity Spring Course Catalog

Spring Courses are Here! Please see the Course Catalog for CPA and Edgenuity!

Scholarship Opportunities

Here is a list of popular scholarship search engines or other pre-vetted scholarships.

UC Admissions

Students who wish to attend a UC must fulfill A-G requirements in order to be eligible for admission. For more information on A-G requirements visit the University of California Admissions page. Each UC campus provides a variety of virtual events where you can ask questions and engage with each school’s admissions department. You can find more information on virtual events at each campus via the following links:

For those students interested in attending a UC, be sure to fulfill your A-G requirements. If you’re not sure if you’ll meet the requirements, you can touch base with your academic counselor to design an educational path that will prepare you for UC eligibility.

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