David Suzuki

By: Cocolena Fong

Who is David Susuki?

David Takayoshi Suzuki was born on March 1936 in Vancouver BC as a Canadian, his family was present when world war two happened. Suzuki has many occupations such as working for the order of Canada (CC), geneticist, broadcaster and an environmental activist. He is known for his broadcaster on CBC TV series The Nature of things and is well known as an environmental activist.

David Suzuki (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Education and Early Career

Suzuki went to Amherst College, Massachusetts and received a bachelor of arts in biology in 1958 and soon later he studied in the University of Chicago to earn a doctorate in zoology in 1961. Eight years later, he was awarded a Steacie Memorial Fellowship as the best young Canadian scientist. He specialized in meiosis which is the early stages of living cells, the production of other cells and the study of mutation caused by changing in temperature.

David Suzuki (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki made a non-profit foundation to help and find solutions that will help conserve the environment and create a sustainable Canada in the future. This foundation is to protect the diversity in nature and quality of life and for the future. Based on the foundations website their main goal is to raise awareness to protect the climate, create livable communities, establish environmental rights and justice, transform the economy, connect with nature and build community.

David Suzuki Foundation

The Nature of Things

Suzuki has been hosting the CBC The Nature of Things documentary for over 30 years as he educates viewers a diversity of animal and aquatic life that live on and around our homes. By revealing the hidden wild life that lurks our Earth, it shows the different species that are either becoming extinct, finding new species and how we are effecting the wild life that are around us by following our daily routine. Thus educating the viewers to preserve our environment.

50 Years of the Nature of Things - The Nature of Things: Science, Wildlife and Technology - CBC-TV

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Three Leaderships David Suzuki Applied

"Courage is not the absence of fear - it's inspiring others to move beyond it" Nelson Mandela

Before Suzuki even made the non-profit foundation to help preserve the environment, it took a lot of courage to become a broadcaster and spread awareness of what is happening in our environment. As he faces new people and species everyday does not mean that he is fearless. Since he is now a public figure around the world, there are always negative people around the world that might not appreciate or like what Suzuki is doing and it takes a lot of courage to become a public figure as there might be negative comments about him.
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"Nothing is black or white" Nelson Mandela

In our environment there are tons of problems for wild life, air pollution, global warming and etc. Suzuki solves and creates many solutions to help and improve our environment. By going on www.davidsuzuki.org, Suzuki has provided information on helping to reduce the pollution to help make a cleaner atmosphere! He has made many solutions to some of our main environmental problems and made amazing solutions that anyone can accomplish.
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"Appearance matters - remember to smile" Nelson Mandela

As Suzuki goes on a journey to educate viewers around the world about different species and spreading awareness of these species, he needs to stay positive and calm to lead others to help protect and persuade the viewers to help the environment. By being a positive leader, it shows that others can help and do the same things that he himself can do to help make the environment clean and green.
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David Suzuki is a amazing leader as he is positive, courageous and has helped create solutions to make the environment more clean and green! He has accomplished many things, such as hosting the CBC documentary for over 30 years, made a non-profit organization to help citizens and many people around the world to take action towards the environmental problems that are occurring and many more to come.