Jonathan Cuadillo

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what's our purpose?

Our purpose is to help the people in need. Families with children, elderly, we provide benefits. We provide food and money for people affected by the depression.

Our intention...

The intentions we have are helpful. We started this program so we can help people get back up from the Great Depression. We know how difficult this event has made many of our lives very difficult. Many of the american people lost their jobs. The rich lost a lot of money and the poor lost more than they had to start with. so what we have planned is very helpful.

who are we?

We are your friendly neighbors trying to extend our hands to the ones who have fallen. we are here to help you relieve some depression and help you recover your life or even obtain a better one. We fall under the relief and recovery plan of Roosevelt. He's on our side and supports our program.

Our Thoughts

We know that we are the best out there "Best Deal" our slogan. We've helped out so many families and companies get back up on their feet. We are very successful and we won't stop until we make your life better.
This gives me a better understanding to how programs like this helped out people to make their lives better