President Needed

Wanted: Man or woman for top government position

Do you think you have what it takes to be President?

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Three eligibility requirements to be president:

-Must be 35 years old

-Must be a resident within the United States for 14 years;

-Must be a "natural born Citizen"

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What the position will entail

Chief Executive:

-You will be in charge of the 15 cabinet department

Chief Diplomat:

-You will have to direct foreign policy

Commander in Chief:

-You will have to be in charge of the armed forces and send troupes if needed

Legislative Leader:

-You will have to sign bills into laws or veto them,

-You will have to make a legislative program and give a legislative agenda to congress in the annual state of union address

Head of States:

-You will have to represent the USA at special occasions and ceremonies

Economic Leader:

You will have to help the country's economy prosper and plan the federal government's budget

You will have to deal with several economic issues like unemployment rates, inflation, high taxes,...

Party Leader:

-you will have to select your party's national chairperson

-You will have to help the party raise money and funds

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Compensation and Benefits

-You will live in the White House;

-You will make 400,000 annually;

-You will get extra money for job related expenses (clothes,...)

-You will have access to Camp David, special presidential cars, helicopters, airplanes,...