by: Randy R p-4

The tornado is a furious beast and a killer. As the beast twists and turns out of the opening you can see the devastation of Moore, Oklahoma.

On an nice evening in Moore Oklahoma all is peaceful until tragedy strikes. Alarms go off, the wind is getting faster, lighting striking, hail the size of golf balls. Next thing you know a tornado is right behind you. People screaming, traffic jammed, house torn to the ground, what a disaster this is.

Tornadoes have been recorded all over the world. In Bangladesh, UK, Netherlands, china, Australia, south america, Russia, japan, Africa, Argentina, Paraguay, southern Brazil, Europe, new Zealand, and eastern Asia. The largest tornado ever recorded was 2.6 miles miles across and 16.2 miles off the ground. The worst tornado ever recorded was in Bangladesh on April 26, 1989. There has been at least 1,704 deaths from tornadoes. The tornado is a threat to the human race.


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