Counselor Corner Weekly Update

September 14th - September 18th

Week 5: Helping your child deal with Anxiety

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During this time, each family is different on how they are discussing and handling the varying emotions and uncertainties that come with the changes in our daily routines. With these emotions, some families may be experiencing and discussing anxiety if or when it arises. If you are still looking for ways to discuss and process emotions or anxieties that have come up, here are helpful resources to bridge your conversations!

Every family is different so we encourage families to do what works for them!

How Parents Can Help With Child Anxiety

How Parents Can Help With Child Anxiety | UCLA CARES Center

UCLA Center for Child Anxiety Resilience Education and Support (CARES) Director, Dr. John Piacentini and CARES Clinical Psychology Fellow, Dr. Diana Santacrose suggest ways that parents can help their child manage feelings of stress and anxiety. They also note when parents might want to seek more support for their family. For more information, visit CARES:


Fight Flight Freeze - A Guide to Anxiety for Kids

If your child is experiencing some Anxiety with work completion or attending zooms see below for some things to try!