Gym Candy

By: Carl Deuker

About Gym Candy

Gym Candy is about a football player. His dad was drafted in the third round for the NFL Draft then later got hurt. He had a son. He started teaching his son about football when he turned four. He started playing Pop Warner when he was six. he became the starting running back all the way through middle school.

High School Years

When he got to high school he was having to compete against a senior running back. Mike and the senior never got along. One day in the weight room they got in a fist fight about who could lift more and stuff. It made Mike mad. Mike's dad had a friend that owned a gym. Mike started going there with a personal trainer. His trainer was on steroids. Mike asked if he could start taking steroids o he could be stronger and better to beat the senior.

Rest of His Live

One day his friends wanted him to come hangout and stuff but Mike didn't want to. His friends noticed that Mike was acting weird. At football games Mike would all ways hide his bags. Mike and his friend went for a walk one day around a lake. Mike and his friend got in a fight about something. Mike tried to kill himself. When he pulled the trigger it barely missed his brain. His friend took him to the hospital and Mike survived. The rest of his life he has to spend in a Rehab center.