Testing Hints

Stay Positive!!! You can do it =)

Answering Multiple-choice & TEI Questions

  1. Read all directions and titles.

  2. Read the entire question.

  3. Determine what the question is asking.

  4. Reread the question.

  5. Identify key words & direction words.

  6. Select a strategy to solve or answer the question.

  7. Think through your solution.

  8. Formulate your own answer before reading the options.

- Focus on finding an answer without the help of the choices.
- This process will improve your concentration.
- Doing this will help you remember & be less likely to be tricked.

9. Eliminate unlikely answers first.
- Eliminating two choices may increase your probability of answering correctly.
- Mark each choice as True or False or Maybe
- Always choose the STRONGEST or BEST answer.

10. Similar answers give you a clue. One of them is correct, the other is DISGUISED because it is somewhat true! That is the DISTRACTOR. Don't be fooled!

Always choose the STRONGEST or BEST answer.

11. Watch out for "NOT TRUE"
- Remember to reverse your procedure and eliminate truth.
- Mark each choice as True or False or Maybe.
- Next, eliminate true choices.
- Then choose the BEST answer by finding the STRONGEST false answer.

Only TEI Questions

Spend time on these questions.

Think slowly & carefully.

  1. Read the GRAY direction box & the question carefully.

  2. Do the directions state how many answers to mark? Example 1 below is SPECIFIC.

Example 1

Big image

Example 2

Big image

In Example 2 the directions are NONSPECIFIC. The reader does NOT know the number of commas to add.

3. After you have marked your answer/s, go back, reread the directions & double-check your work.

Remember- take your time, think carefully and do your BEST!

You can do it =)