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An array of cock and ball torture devices in the adult market

CBT torture devices or the cock and ball torture devices are sometimes termed as the genitorture devices used during sexual activity while involving the torture of male genitals. It helps in creating a more vivid sexual life. If you talk about male sex toys then there are varieties of such toys available in the market.

The traditional favourite of males, the cock ring is now getting rivalled by the anal beads, sex toys, dildos, prostrate stimulators, penis sleeves, male masturbators, penis pumps and the various other sex enhancement products. In the sexual activity, the male genital organ is tortured and the process involves several painful activities like the genital spanking, wax play ball-busting, squeezing, tickle torture, kicking and erotic electro-stimulation.

The direct physical pleasure with CBT torture devices

CBT torture devices can be purchased for enhanced pleasure. The recipient of activities like tickle torture, urethral play etc receives direct pleasure with masochism. Emotional pleasure is received through the knowledge that the tickling or playing is pleasant to the sadistic dominant. There are too many ways in which the male genital organs are tortured. Ball bursting is the CBT technique in which the tentacles of the person are kicked, punched, squeezed, and kneed.

Then, the ball stretcher is another sex toy fastened around the genitalia so that the scrotum is elongated and provided the feel of weight pulling the men’s testicles away from the body. The act of sex where the ball stretcher is used is taken to be the most dangerous form of sex. The circulation of blood may be easily cut off with tight stretchers.

The leather stretchers, the most common form of CBT torture device is made up of steel rings fastened with the screws. The entire thing causes an uncomfortable weight to the user. However, the stretcher’s length can vary from 1-4 inches and the weight of the steel model can be 5 pounds or so. The dangerous form of ball stretcher can be made at home by using string or rope and it is wrapped around penile scrotum until the desired stretch is attained.

What is Parachute?

The parachute is the CBT device and the small collar which is comprised of leather and can be fastened around the scrotum. The device is conical shaped with 3-4 chains that hang beneath. The device is used within the BDSM relationship and the parachute offers the constant drag. The man’s tentacles attain a squeezing impact and the moderate weight of 3-5 kgs can be suspended. When men are free to move, smaller weights can be used.

The humbler is another physical restraint device which is employed to restrict or stop the motion of the submissive male. Comprising of the testicle cuff, the device easily clamps around the scrotum base. The blood circulation blockage is one of the most dangerous risks involved in the use of CBT devices. Common injuries may include bruises, abrasions etc. You can make your online researches to arrive at such devices. For collecting more information on the same, log onto the website thebondagelocker.

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