Internet safty

Meeting offline

what is meeting offline?

Meeting offline is when you have been chatting in a chat room with someone on the internet and the person you are chatting with asks you to meet them in person.

what you do when someone asks you to meet offline

  • you can just say no
  • take a parent with you
  • ask a parent if its a good idea
  • make an excuse to why you can't go
  • ignore them
  • if they still don't leave you alone call the police
  • think about what will happen after you answer

don't do it!!!

here's what i think you should do i think you should not just randomly start chatting with a total stranger because you have know idea what they are like so why do it in the first place


is it safe to meet someone offline? no of course not. because you wouldn't know what would happen and not everybody on the internet tell the truth about themselves and if you did meet someone offline you could end up suffering or even dying so why do it in the first place why even start chatting with someone you don't even know