Cancer Council Charity

A way to enjoy freedom

What they do

Cancer Council do everything they can to help prevent cancer. They raise money to supply suitable equipment for anyone in the midsts of cancer. The also insure that we know what they or we are dealing with. Knowing about your disease really helps cure it, and that is what Cancer Council wants to do.

What you can do to help

They work and so can you

Now you can join the research for the cures to cancer. Volunteer, for a first experiance. Work, and not just for the wage. Campain, and get the rewards. Join a research study, and discover the details. Give donations, you will be helping. Fundraise, not for the praise. Join events, for another smile. Corporate partnerships,you wont regret it. And I'm sure you wont regret helping the innocent in pain.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Host a tea on Thursday 23rd of May 2013. Help fudraise with a goal $4,700,000 in total of teas in Australia. Celebrate 20 years of morning tea and have fun.