Caitlin Lizza

Caitlin Lizza enjoys biking, hiking, walking, jogging

Caitlin Lizza: Not a Facebook Addict

Colorado sophomore Caitlin Lizza sometimes gets tired of hearing her friends talk about Facebook so much. It can start to seem, she says, like they are always on the social networking site; when they are not on the site, they are talking about what happened on the site. Yes, it’s true: many of Caitlin Lizza’s friends are Facebook addicts.

Caitlin Lizza herself has not fallen prey to the seductions of the website; she says she uses it less than one hour a day, mostly to stay in touch with family and friends back home, and to organize events with new friends from school, almost all of whom use Facebook to interact. Caitlin Lizza recognizes the value that Facebook provides, but does not like the amount of time that people end up spending doing inane things on the site. Therefore Caitlin Lizza has made a conscious effort to avoid spending too much time on Facebook, in order to avoid succumbing to the same fates that befell her friends.

Instead, Caitlin Lizza turns her computer off and picks up a book, or devotes her attention to her passions of being outdoors and making new – real – friends. A fan of the cinema, Caitlin Lizza can often be found in a movie theater screening the latest films, or taking care of her body by exercising, then treating herself to her favorite food – chocolate ice cream. If you are looking for Caitlin Lizza, you might find her doing just about anything except idling her time away on Facebook, she says.

Caitlin Lizza’s Favorite Breed

Every dog person has a favorite breed, and Caitlin Lizza is no exception. Most dog owners’ favorite breed is the one they own, and here Caitlin Lizza is no exception, either. According to the CU sophomore, her favorite kind of dog is an Australian Shepherd; lo and behold, her dog Mattie is an Australian Shepherd. The Lizza family has had Mattie for most of Caitlin Lizza’s life, and when she’s at home she and the Australian Shepherd are inseparable. According to Caitlin Lizza, the hardest part about going away to school was being away from Mattie.

Though Caitlin Lizza may be exaggerating a bit, it is not a stretch by any means to say that the dog is a big part of her life. This summer, while Caitlin Lizza was at home during summer break, the family celebrated Mattie’s birthday, and a good time was had by all.

An Australian Shepherd is a loyal dog, says Caitlin Lizza; it is a kind of dog that will be there no matter what. Caitlin Lizza loves that fact about her Mattie, saying that it is a source of great comfort sometimes to know that the dog loves you no matter what.

Caitlin Lizza is an Australian Shepherd lover through and through; when she finishes school, gets a job and maybe starts a family of her own, there is no doubt in her mind that the house will include an Australian Shepherd. It won’t be Mattie, of course, but it will be loved like crazy just the same.

Nutrition Tips From Caitlin Lizza

Although CU sophomore Caitlin Lizza has always been interested in nutrition and health, these mutually related passions really came to a head when she took a nutrition class last year. Caitlin Lizza says she learned so much in that class that she had never known, and she wished she had known it long ago. Now Caitlin Lizza tries to spread the word about proper nutrition to anyone who will listen, from friends to family and even sometimes to strangers eating McDonald’s.

The most important factor that Caitlin Lizza’s nutrition class stressed was balance. Eating too much junk food is bad for you, and everyone knows that. But the truth is that striking a proper balance is actually healthier than trying to subsist on a diet of kale alone, Caitlin Lizza says. After all, humans are omnivores, and have developed to be able to subsist on a wide variety of edible matter; limiting ourselves to just one thing is kind of defeating the purpose of evolution, in some ways, says Caitlin Lizza.

So don’t worry about that slice of pizza, according to Caitlin Lizza; just be sure that it is a reasonable amount, and that it is not the only meal you ever eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner. For Caitlin Lizza personally, this has been a revelation; she now no longer feels that her favorite food, chocolate ice cream, is a bad, unhealthy thing that is trying to kill her. Instead she now sees it as a treat to be enjoyed in small portions in moderation.

What Caitlin Lizza Read This Summer

Caitlin Lizza puts her studies first during the school year, and recreational reading has to take a backseat. There are too many pages of textbooks to pore over and too much homework to do to even think about having time to curl up with a good book, she says. But the summertime, that is a different story for the 19 year old University of Colorado student. Caitlin Lizza can often spend just about an entire summer day sitting in the shade with one of her favorite books, or a new read that she gets immersed in.

Caitlin Lizza says that she spent much of this summer revisiting old favorites, rereading the entire Harry Potter series from beginning to end. Aside from that monumental task, Caitlin Lizza says, she found time to read the latest Nicholas Sparks novel and a couple recent releases recommended to her by the proprietor at her local bookstore. Now that the school year is getting back in full swing, Caitlin Lizza regrets that she did not have more time to delve into some of the books on her reading list. Having just seen the recent movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby, Caitlin Lizza now has an urgent need to go back and read that American classic, just to name one example.

Caitlin Lizza’s summer reading occupies a good deal of her time, yet she still finds a way to stay active and healthy. When asked about this, she responded that it was all a matter of finding a good balance in life, a way to satisfy both the body and the mind.

Caitlin Lizza Talks Music

University of Colorado at Boulder second year student Caitlin Lizza has a long-standing love of music. Ever since she can remember, her parents had music on the radio or on the stereo. Whether it was jazz, rock, blues, funk, classical or anything in between, Caitlin Lizza’s parents would listen; by extension, then, young Caitlin Lizza would listen. She absorbed all these disparate sounds and now calls her own taste in music eclectic, saying that there is no one genre she could choose to be affiliated with more than others.

Caitlin Lizza’s current favorite bands, for example, are electronic music makers Pretty Lights, venerable emo-punk outfit Blink 182, and smoky-voiced troubadour John Mayer. It is easy to tell from just these three that Caitlin Lizza’s musical palette is broad and many-colored.

For Caitlin Lizza, the best time to listen to music is always; but what kind depends on the mood, of course. If she is studying, Caitlin Lizza prefers something very relaxed and ambient; perhaps some classical, or some shoegaze electronica. For workouts Caitlin Lizza likes to dial up the intensity with a high-energy mix full of pulsating anthems. And when relaxing, well, anything goes.

Now entering her second year at Boulder, Caitlin Lizza hopes among other things to get immersed in the vibrant local music scene. It took almost her entire freshman year just to get oriented in the often-confusing environment of a new school and a new city, says Caitlin Lizza; now she is ready to head out and find some new surprises.

Caitlin Lizza Remembers Her First Job Fondly

Caitlin Lizza may not be able to remember the Cold War or the fall of the Berlin Wall, but she remembers her first job with a great deal of fondness. The nineteen-year-old University of Colorado sophomore already has two years in the workforce under her belt, having gained working part time at a Jamba Juice while she was still in high school. The experience Caitlin Lizza ganed at this job will prove invaluable down the road, she says; furthermore, the people she met during her time there will always be in her heart.

Working at the Jamba Juice was a great opportunity for Caitlin Lizza, enabling her to apply herself to a task she soon found she had a knack for: making smoothies. The national smoothie chain has done a great deal of research to come up with the best recipes for perfect smoothies, so it was like Caitlin Lizza was getting insider information at the same time she was getting work experience.

In addition, Caitlin Lizza says, the people she worked with at Jamba Juice were all great people. Caitlin Lizza made many enduring friends at the job, and got along well with both coworkers and supervisors alike.

When pressed to say what they remember about Caitlin Lizza, her former coworkers all agree that she was one of the nicest people around, that she always had a smile for everyone, whether coworker or customer, and that she was a hard worker who took a great deal of pride in her job.

The Anatomy of a Smoothie with Caitlin Lizza

If you are looking for a challenger in your quest to become the greatest smoothie maker in America, you will have some stiff competition from University of Colorado sophomore Caitlin Lizza. The reigning smoothie queen of campus, Caitlin Lizza has few competitors when it comes to whipping up a tasty frozen treat. Some folks say that Caitlin Lizza has ice in her veins; others that it is more of a syrupy frozen fruit pulp. Either way, she is a force to be reckoned with behind a blender.

Caitlin Lizza attributes much of her smoothie-making prowess to her two years behind the counter at her local Jamba Juice. Working at the national smoothie chain helped Caitlin Lizza understand the basic anatomy of a smoothie – what makes a smoothie tick. It is not a matter of just throwing fruit and yogurt into a blender, says Caitlin Lizza. In fact there is a great deal of expertise involved, something approaching a science. Those who scoff at the simplicity of smoothies, Caitlin Lizza invites them to give it a try on their own. They may find it’s not so easy after all.

Despite Caitlin Lizza’s competitive edge in the world of blended frozen concoctions, she is surprisingly generous; she often makes smoothies for friends and even for people she has just recently met. It is good to see that Caitlin Lizza’s talents are being used for the forces of good. Just don’t get on her bad side when it comes to smoothies, or you may get left out in the cold when it comes time to sip them.

Caitlin Lizza Thinking About Communications

University of Colorado at Boulder sophomore Caitlin Lizza has not chosen a major yet. She knows as well as anyone that there is plenty of time to make a decision, and she wants to spend her first two years taking a wide variety of courses to see what kinds of things grab her interest. One major candidate has risen from the pack and currently stands as Caitlin Lizza’s probable choice: that major is communications.

Caitlin Lizza decided she might like to pursue a major in communications after taking an intro to communications class last year. According to Caitlin Lizza, the class was a real eye-opener, showing her a whole new world of ideas and theories that she really enjoyed learning more about. Caitlin Lizza has decided to take another communications course this year, and if that goes as well as the first, we could be looking at Caitlin Lizza, Communications Major in no time.

If there is one problem with choosing, it’s that there are so many different areas she could see herself really getting into, says Caitlin Lizza. In fact, sometimes she wishes that she could just go to school and take classes for the rest of her life and never have to choose, she jokes. That’s why Caitlin Lizza is glad for the opportunity to take a variety of courses her first couple years, before getting locked into a major. Most universities allow this kind of freedom, and Caitlin Lizza believes it is for good reason. Many entering freshmen do not yet know what they want out of life, and this time can be used as a kind of sampling of what’s out there.

Exploring Boulder with Caitlin Lizza

Caitlin Lizza’s love of exploring and the outdoors has gotten her to many new and exciting places already, and she certainly has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. The University of Colorado sophomore spent a whole lot of time last year getting to know the town of Boulder and its surrounding areas, and now Caitlin Lizza is ready for another year of exploring. Boulder has so much to offer, it can be even a bit overwhelming at times; but Caitlin Lizza relishes every minute, and her weekend planner is filling up rapidly with different activities around town and in the surrounding areas. It promises to be a busy semester for Caitlin Lizza both in and out of the classroom.

Caitlin Lizza took a nutrition class last year that got her started to thinking about her health in a whole new light. She focuses on eating well and staying active more than ever now, and that includes frequent trips around Boulder on foot, by either jogging, running, or just walking and taking in the sights. It also includes a variety of more wilderness-oriented activities, including hiking and discovering new points of interest in Boulder’s vibrant geography. Caitlin Lizza’s ability to make friends quickly has served her well in this regard, and these days she always has a friend or even a group of friends to head out on a new adventure with each weekend. Some of her new friends are skiers and snowboarders; Caitlin Lizza herself has not tried either of these activities, but is very interested in doing so, and is excited about the possibility of a trip she and her friends are trying to plan over the Christmas holiday.