Fourth and Fifth Grade Newsletter

February 2013

Upcoming Events

2/7: Early Release Day; no lunch will be served; After-care will be offered
2/8: Scholastic orders due
2/9: Math Olympics- Good luck to the following fourth and fifth grade representatives:
Deanna Azahar, Brianna Lewis, Dominic Pittman, Natalie Arias, Samantha Johnson, Brandon
McCool, AJ Rickman
2/11-15: Scholastic Book Fair
2/12: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night- Conyers
2/14: Valentine's Day; Please send Valentine cards with your child to share with each person in their class; Valentine's Day decorated boxes are due
2/18-22: Winter Break
3/1: ACSI Spelling Bee- Good luck to the following fourth and fifth grade representatives:
Deanna Azahar, Kristin Carr, Tiffany Baptiste, Juan Avendano

**Thank you to the fourth and fifth grade parents that contributed to our Hundreds Day Snack!

Content Information

Fourth Grade Language Arts, Social Studies

Language Arts: Students are continuing their focus upon GUM rules and applying those rules appropriately. Please continue to encourage your student to work carefully and diligently on all tasks. We are focusing on a different GUM skill each week, and students are applying their learned knowledge of GUM rules as they edit and proofread various written pieces. In Writer's Workshop, fourth graders will be focusing upon the persuasive genre. Their writing will coincide with the study of European and Spanish explorers in Social Studies. Also, students are almost finished with the class reading selection Bud, Not Buddy; fourth graders will complete a cumulative project reflecting this book in a few weeks.
Social Studies: Students will complete their study of European, French, and Spanish explorers this week. Their projects will be presented in class Friday. Upcoming Units: Thirteen original colonies, Revolutionary War

Fourth Grade Math, Science

Math: Fourth grade is currently working on decimals. Our decimal unit consisits of place value, fraction equivalents, rounding, adding and subtracting, and multiplying and dividing decimals. We will be working on decimals for about month, and then we will move into the Geometry unit.

Science: We just finished the Motion and Force unit with our end of the unit test this past Monday. Next week, we will begin the Stars and Solar System unit, which the kids are very excited about! We will be learning about constellations, moon phases, seasonal changes, and all of the planets.

Fifth Grade Language Arts, Social Studies

Language Arts: Students will be continuing their study of sentence diagramming as we focus our GUM efforts on parts of speech; we will be diagramming appositives. Fifth graders are encouraged to utilize appositives in writing, as using them provides context clues for readers. In Writer's Workshop, fifth graders have been working on the persuasive genre; students will reach across the curriculum to write persuasively about the Civil War. Also, fifth grade students are about to begin an expository unit, where they will complete a full research report. This research will require a field trip to the Nancy Guinn Library, where students will take a tour of the library and complete any research required.
Social Studies: Fifth graders are currently studying various aspects of the War Between the States. Our studies will focus upon major causes, generals, and battles of the Civil War. Our Civil War unit will also coincide with our writing genre of persuasive writing. This unit will be complete soon. Upcoming units: World War I, World War II

Fifth Grade Math, Science

Math: Fifth grade has been working on converting fractions, decimals, and percent over the last couple of weeks. Next week we will begin our Geometry unit. In the Geometry unit we will be learning about angles, polygons, area, volume, circumference, coordinate graphing, and much more. It's going to be a busy unit!
Please make sure students are working on Math homework every night (Mon-Thurs). It is very important for them to go home and continue to practice the skill that we worked on in class.

: We just started the Electricity and Magnetism unit. We will be studying static electricity, circuits, conuctors and insulators, and how magnetism and electricity are related. We will be working in the unit for the next several weeks.


Tiffany Baptiste 2/27