carrer project


my future plans

my future plans are

1.goto college

2.get a good job a nice car

color test

my color is orange. what does mean will occrdy to the test.

i act in moment notice

i consider life as a game here and now

onet interest profiler

expository essay

my color was orange. i think these color matches for the most. i do play around and don't take sectain things serssoilly . and when it talks about jobs i do like jobs that interesting and not do same thing over. but if a job pays good and its alright i will do it.

the o net test i took gave some alright jobs. some of i jobs i would not see myself doing. but some i could consider doing. i don't i think a test would consider your job but it does help think about what you might want to do. what my color and my test have common is that the job the test gave are the types of jobs a orange person would like. job that are not just sitting in a office

carrer choices and hostess resuant lounge and coffee shop

2.architecultral and Engineering magnetic

3. advertising sales agent

4.crinmal investigator and special agent

5 sales agent financial services

carrer tittle-petroleum engineering

petroleum engineers dessin and develop methods for extorting oil and gas from deposits be low in earth surface

ON THE JOB YOU WOULD DO- they are in many oil sites in the country finding new way to get oil

salary $130,000 per year

job outlook new jobs opportunities are like in the future

you need a beachle degree in mechanical and chemical engineriing

university of Texas

i want to go to U.T for many reasons one is that it is close by and that will coast less. and i now people in austin so i can chill with them. i what i might want to be ut is one best school for peteroulem engineer. i don't the price to go hear is tho but i would like to go hear

texas reality check