Texas Road Trip

By: Blaise Buschow

Day 1: Austin, TX

My day started off bright in the morning. I started walking through the city until I found a museum. When I walked in the museum I decided to go to the things that were found in Texas from the prehistoric time. When I got to the prehistoric exhibits there was a lot of cool things there. There were fossils, there were skeletons, and lots of other dinosaur related stuff.

Later I went to Waco and explored the landscape. There were a lot of buildings but the grass wasn't green it was a grayish color.

Day 2: Houston, TX

My day in Houston started of bright and full of life. Houston had a lot of people walking around the city. I started of by going to the museum distract to explore the historical wonders of the past. After the museum I went to the Space Center.

Galveston: Later I went to Galveston island to get to Galveston. Galveston Isn't that active of a place but I decided to explore Galveston for historical sites.

Day 3: Tyler, TX

My day started of bright when I walked out the door of the hotel. While I was exploring I found the smith county historical society. The smith county historical society was founded in 1959 by individuals and business firms dedicated to discovering, collecting and preserving data, records and other items relating to the history of Smith County, Texas. The smith county historical society is located in Tyler, TX.